The first ERC-404 with real-life toy CAR RACES
and token prizes for NFT holders

About Us

About Us

At 404WHEELS, we host daily toy car races using NFT tokens. Purchase a token, acquire a car, and dive into the action-packed races.

Earn tokens for each victory, fueling your journey towards more thrilling races and enticing rewards. Join us now for an exhilarating experience at 404WHEELS CA:0x05bD6b9bc125FEE6E670420f11d4e1817c0fC132


Each buyed token unlocks a random car.
With a supply of 1000 tokens, there will be 4 different cars Every time your car wins a race, you'll accumulate token rewards.

Total NFT


Buy TOken

Buying 1 whole token, you'll get one random car
Every race your car wins, you earn tokens that you can claim